Open ticket

Valid for 6 months on long-distance trains

Buy now and use within 6 months

If you are looking for an affordable, flexible option for train travel, an open ticket is the perfect solution for you as the ticket is valid for 6 months from the purchase date. You only need to know your route – no need to set a date until it suits you. Simply focus on your trip, worry about dates later.

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You can find open tickets by logging in to the or VR Matkalla app and selecting the multi-ticket.

Special offer tickets also in the VR Matkalla app

Remember to log in!

Select “Buy a multi-ticket” to find open tickets in the app.

Suggested routes

The prices are valid until 14 June 2020

Helsinki – Tampere


Helsinki – Punkaharju


Helsinki – Oulu


Turku – Tampere


Terms of the special offer

Tickets on special offer:

  • Open ticket for long-distance trains with seat in Eko Class.

  • Only new reservations

Sales period:

  • 15 May–14 June 2020

Travel period:

  • 6 months from the purchase date

Sales locations:

  • Special offer tickets can be bought when logged in to the, VR Matkalla app or from our customer service tel. 0600 41 900. Cost: EUR 1.99/answered call + LNC. Service hours: During weekdays 7–20, Sat-Sun 9-19.

  • When you buy an open ticket from the or VR Matkalla app, you must also book a journey in the or VR Matkalla app.

  • When you buy an open ticket from our customer service, you must also book a journey at customer service, on tel. 0800 133 300.

The following groups can receive discounts on special offer prices:

  • Children

  • Students

  • Pensioners

Changes and cancellations:

  • Open tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

  • However, you can change or cancel a journey you have booked using your multi-ticket for long-distance trains for free up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train when you are signed in to the, VR Matkalla application or calling our customer care.

  • You can upgrade your seat to a seat in Ekstra Class or upstairs of the restaurant car for an additional fee only in the or VR Matkalla application.

  • Services subject to an additional fee, such as a seat in Ekstra Class, are not refunded if you cancel the journey.

Please note:

  • Select a multi-ticket to find open tickets in the or VR Matkalla app

  • Open tickets and booked trips purchased through our customer service will only be delivered by email.

  • The trip must be booked with the open ticket before the train’s scheduled departure.

  • With the open ticket, you can travel on the route of your choice in either direction.

  • Trips cannot be booked through other channels , e.g. website, ticket vending machines or VR’s service points.

Children love train trips

Nearly all our IC trains have a coach with a children’s play area. Pre-schoolers especially will find lots to do and playmates of other children on the train.

Bring your best friend

All of our trains have seats suitable for travelling comfortably with dogs, cats or other pets. The pet charge is €5 per dog or pet carrier.

Your safety is important to us

Checklist for your train trip:

  1. Do not travel when ill.

  2. You can count on our personnel to be healthy when serving you – nevertheless, let us all remember to keep a safe distance.

  3. Remember to keep your distance from other passengers when boarding the train, at stops, at the station and when disembarking.

  4. Remember a safe distance on board as well and try to select a seat that is not too close to other passengers. Instead of your usual seat or coach, we recommend trying to select a seat that is a little further away from other passengers or in the next coach, even if it means a slightly longer walk. Our personnel will be happy to help you find a seat.

  5. During your trip, remember good hygiene by keeping your hands clean and coughing and sneezing into a disposable tissue or a sleeve.

  6. If possible, avoid travelling during peak hours. If you need to travel during the most popular hours, consider choosing a train that departs slightly earlier or later. In capital region commuter traffic, the busiest travel times are at 6–9 a.m. and 3–6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In long-distance traffic, the busiest travel times in addition to weekday mornings and afternoon are on Fridays at 2–6 p.m. and Sundays 5–9 p.m.

  7. At the moment, we are cleaning our trains even more effectively. Let’s still all remember not to needlessly touch any handles, tables or other surfaces.

  8. Let’s keep up a positive spirit. We will pull through together!