We are updating our services

Welcome on a journey to something new

We are updating our digital services so that we can serve you even better. Our new ticket vending machines have already been installed at stations, the VR Matkalla app can be found in app stores and this uusi.vr.fi website is brand new. We are happy that you can join us on this journey!

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How the change will affect you

Changing website

We have already updated part of our website and we will continue to update it. Your feedback is important to us, and we would be very happy if you could tell us what you like and what still needs improvement.

VR Matkalla app

The new app offers personalised services to you at every stage of your journey. You can download this travel companion to your phone for free from App Store or Google Play. Many more new features are still going to be added to the app.

New ticket vending machines

Brand new ticket vending machines will serve you at stations. The vending machines have an even bigger screen and they are quick and easy to use. We have also taken the needs of special groups into account in the design of the vending machines.

VR Matkalla is your best travel companion

The VR Matkalla app will help you at every stage of your journey.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Did you know?

At this point, many kilometres’ worth of code has already been written for the new website, and more is coming. It’s a lot of work, but we can get through this!

What a fresh look!

The update also gave VR a younger and fresher look. Travelling with us is easy, pleasant and comfortable. As the cornerstones for each successful train trip are ease and convenience, our digital services should also be easy and convenient to use.